Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your pretzels shaped differently?

We proudly serve Philadelphia style pretzels, an American twist on the Bavarian classic. Each pretzel is hand-twisted into an elongated figure-eight shape and squished against one another into a row of 5 pretzels for baking. The unique shape allows us to bake large quantities at a time with maximum efficiency.

Can I place an order in advance?

Yes! Please call 913-831-8955 during our regular business hours to order or order online! For custom orders or delivery, please call the store.

How early should I place my order for a party tray, custom shape, or catering order?

The simple answer is it’s never too early! We do our best to accommodate every single order, even at the last minute. However, if you have an event coming up, here’s some general guidance: For delivery orders and large catering orders serving 100 people or more we appreciate at least 1 weeks’ notice. For custom shape orders, we appreciate at least 2 days’ notice. And for smaller orders like a party tray or 100 nuggets, even an hour’s notice helps us out. Many times, we can accommodate orders with less notice, but please keep in mind that on our busiest days such as Oktoberfest season, holidays, Super Bowl, etc. the more notice the better. Ordering ahead of time helps us to prepare the right amount of pretzel dough and plan the appropriate number of staff, which allows us to better serve you and other customers without a long wait time. Call 913-831-8955 to order!

How long do the pretzels stay fresh?

Our pretzels are best enjoyed fresh! We recommend picking up your pretzels as close to serving time as possible. Generally, the softies will be best eaten within 8 hours from their bake time and the pretzel nuggets will be best eaten within 4 hours from their bake time. Our pretzels taste great at room temperature but you can also reheat them prior to serving: Place pretzels on a cookie sheet, bake for 3 minutes at 450°. Be careful not to overheat. If you plan to keep pretzels overnight, freeze in paper bags. Reheat frozen nuggets at 350° for 4-5 minutes. Reheat frozen softies at 350° for 7 minutes.

How do I keep the pretzels warm?

We do not recommend trying to keep the pretzels warm or keeping them on a heat source as this will dry them out. Like most other baked goods such as bagels and cookies, the pretzels will taste great at room temperature. You can also reheat them prior to serving: Place pretzels on a cookie sheet, bake for 3 minutes at 450°. Be careful not to overheat.

Do you offer delivery?

Due to current staffing, we are unable to provide delivery. We do partner with DoorDash, who delivers.

Do you deliver after hours for late night snacks at weddings and other events?

We love providing late night snacks! Since we are only open until 7pm, we bake the pretzels at the very end of the night for maximum freshness. Then we box them up and close up the shop before delivering, so the pretzels will arrive somewhere around 8pm. We typically drop them off with the main caterer or wedding coordinator, who can then set them out at whatever time you’d like for your guests. Check out our catering menu for options, pricing, and serving size suggestions.

Do you have gluten-free pretzels?

Unfortunately, we do not offer gluten-free pretzel as there is too much cross contamination in our bakery.

Is your bakery nut-free?

Yes, we are proud to be a nut-free bakery!

Are your pretzels vegan or dairy-free? Do you use butter or eggs?

Our pretzels contain a small amount of whey protein. 1 cup of whey for every 50 pounds of flour. We do not use any butter or eggs.

Are you open on holidays?

Please check our Google or Yelp listing for updated holiday hours and closings.

Do you have any special deals going on?

We announce upcoming specials through our FiveStar texts, email lists, and social media. To join our FiveStar Rewards program text PRETZEL to 578-277. To join our email mailing list, enter your email address below on our website. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Is Pretzel Boy’s a franchise?

No, we are a locally owned and operated small business. We are affiliated with STL Pretzel Boy’s in the St. Louis area but we are operated independently with different ownership.

Do you help with fundraising for schools and non-profit organizations?

We love supporting our local community! Email for donation requests. Please understand we are a small business and cannot accommodate every single request but we do our best to spread our donations to as many causes as possible. 😊 One fundraising option is to host a pretzel “bake sale”! How it works: purchase pretzels at a discounted price and hold a pretzel “bake sale” at your school, church, football game, or any other high-traffic location of your choice. This can also be done with a pre-sell option in which your “customers” pre-order using an order form and the pretzels are distributed at a later date. Great way to earn some DOUGH! Please email for more information.

Do you offer wholesale pricing for restaurants, breweries, and concession stands?

Yes! Please contact for more information.

What custom shaped pretzels can you make?

Here are a few popular shapes to get your creative juices flowing. Have a specific idea in mind? Give us a call at 913-831-8955. Also check out our photo gallery for more inspiration! Birthdays: birthday cake, animals, superhero logos, cartoon characters, movie characters, dinosaurs, cars, trains, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", age number (for example "30") Sports: baseball, football, soccerball, basketball, volleyball, logos Weddings/Engagement/Showers: wedding rings, monogram letters, hearts, bachelorette party themes Baby Showers/gender reveal: stork, gender symbols, "BABY BOY/GIRL" Graduations: "CLASS OF 2020", school mascot or logo, graduation cap Just for fun: company logos, names, pineapple, emojis, mustaches, "THANK YOU", "CONGRATULATIONS" Christmas/Holiday: snowman, snowflake, Christmas tree, reindeer, Santa, wreath, gingerbread man, dreidel, menorah Halloween: pumpkin, jack-o-lantern, skull, ghost, spiderweb Valentine's Day: hearts, "I LOVE YOU", "BE MINE", "XOXO" St. Patrick's Day: Shamrock, rainbow New Years Eve: party hat, champagne bottle, year "2020" Easter: egg, bunny, flower, cross 4th of July: firework, star, "USA"